Our Capabilities

With over 100 years of combined experience representing buyers and sellers, our M&A specialists have helped over 1,000 business owners sell their companies. See how we can help you.

Our mergers & acquisitions advisory services are geared toward lower mid-market companies ($5-100 million in revenue). Whether you are seeking an exit, or are looking to acquire one, let us customize an approach that fits your particular financial, industry, operational, or shareholder needs.

Our comprehensive process, combined with our senior level advisors’ experience, is especially effective in identifying strategic and financial targets that represent high value-creation potential.  This time-tested process gives us the ability to present our clients with a range of offers from which they can choose the combination of price and terms that best accommodates their exit strategy.  The end result: our clients receive maximum value while accomplishing their personal and corporate goals.

Throughout the entire sale or acquisition process, we strive to minimize disruption in our clients’ operations.  Consistent, confidential, and controlled communication among all parties enables us to slow down hasty decision-making and speed up hesitant buyers or sellers, thereby maximizing our client’s leverage.

Our Structured Approach

  • Increase the likelihood of closing the most favorable transaction
  • Maximize clients’ negotiating leverage
  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Ensure consistent communication among all parties
  • Enable the transaction to complete in a reasonable time frame

Representative Transactions

Current Engagements

Please contact the Mergers & Acquisitions Marketing director for information on current lower mid-market engagements.