Sell-side Advisory Services

Our specialty is working with entrepreneurial and family-owned, privately held companies. There are a number of transaction types that our clients are interested in:

  • Owner’s Exit: To facilitate the retirement or other exit for company owners
  • Management Acquisitions: To help key managers acquire their company from its current owners
  • Recapitalization: To purchase shares from current shareholders seeking liquidity, to add capital to the balance sheet, or to reduce debt
  • Industry Consolidation: To combine your management’s operating experience and relationships with new sources of capital and expertise to consolidate a fragmented industry

Buy-side Advisory Services

We use a comprehensive approach to help our clients search for and acquire a company. Below are the steps we use to assist in this process:

  • Work with our client to define the search criteria
  • Utilize databases, contacts in the industry, and other professionals to identify the best candidates
  • Initiate communication with the potential targets and perform preliminary due diligence to determine if the target is a good fit
  • Analyze the data to help determine offering price and optimal structure for the transaction
  • Manage the due diligence process, working with the clients’ accountants and attorneys
  • Work with these advisors to close the transaction


M&A  Advisors have significant experience in the valuation of privately owned businesses across a wide range of industries. We perform an extensive analysis of the business as well as evaluate industry trends and various other factors in order to inform our clients as to current value of their company.