Is your business “You” proof?

As much as well all like to feel indispensable, a potential acquirer wants to see that the company has a strong future without you, its owner. Here’s our latest article helping you determine if your business is sellable.

That was quick!

Scott Sceili closed on the sale of the HVAC company on 11/30. The company, with $99K of adjusted net income on $765K in annual sales, sold for $240,000. Scott says “It was attractive to the buyer because it was a well established 24 year-old business.Read More

Coldwell Banker Commercial M&A Expertise Solidifies Future Success of Local Brewery and Dining Establishments

Coldwell Banker Commercial’s Mergers &Acquisition (M&A) Advisory Division, served as the exclusive broker in advising, brokering, and closing an investment transaction that created a partnership between Squatters and Wasatch Beers and their combined brewing operations, Utah Brewers Cooperative, and the Boston-based consumer-focused investment firm FiremanRead More

Why should you buy a franchise, anyway?

What are some of the benefits of buying a franchise? Brand recognition — you are buying into an established, nationally known brand. The franchisor has, hopefully, put considerable resources into building a brand that consumers recognize and trust. That’s a lot of work and expenseRead More

The Good News Keeps Coming

According to Pitchbook, 2011 has gotten off to a rallying start, with 114 deals closing in the first 3 weeks of January. These deals represent the highest aggregate value for that time period since 2002, with the exception of boom-year 2007.  The total number ofRead More