Research & Analysis

An M&A advisor’s first role is to recognize, and capitalize on, your company’s values, including those that others may not recognize. We’ll assess your company’s strengths and weaknesses, analyze historical earnings and projected future performance, review your company’s operations and management infrastructure, and research the company’s industry and competitors. This initial stage culminates in the creation of a comprehensive confidential offering memorandum that describes your company and meets the informational needs of prospective acquirers.

During this preparation and planning stage we:

  • Work with your legal and accounting advisors to determine the most appropriate transaction structure for your situation
  • Address any confidentiality concerns Recast the financial statements to adjust for non-recurring and/or discretionary expenses
  • Value your company to determine its worth in the current market
  • Recommend specific actions to increase the value of the company
  • Identify strategic and/or financial buyers with the resources and desire to make acquisitions
  • Prepare a comprehensive offering memorandum for use with prospective buyers


Like all of our clients, you deserve to receive the highest price and best terms for your transaction. Generally speaking, creating a competitive atmosphere for your company, among multiple interested buyers, is instrumental in achieving this goal.

This is where your M&A advisor can bring to the table skills and resources others may lack, like a tested, refined and proven marketing strategy drawing on an extensive and proprietary network of potential buyers, from strategic acquirers to private investment groups and high net worth individuals. We keep all buyers on the same time frame and coordinate the dissemination of confidential information in order to conduct a controlled bidding process.

To meet this objective we:

  • Contact buyers on a confidential basis and determine their financial ability and desire to pursue the acquisition
  • Pare down the list of interested buyers to those who have indicated the highest value
  • Request best and final offers from the remaining buyers
  • Work in conjunction with you and your legal and financial advisors to select the best offer and aggressively negotiate a Letter of Intent.

Closing The Deal

Once a buyer is chosen and a deal is negotiated in principle, your M&A advisor again plays a critical role during buyer due diligence and final negotiations when emotions can run high and transactions may falter.

We will work with you to facilitate the buyer’s formal due diligence process and negotiate the final and comprehensive terms encompassed in the definitive purchase documents. Our role is to “guide” the transaction to a successful and timely close.

During this final stage we:

  • Assist our clients in collecting and disseminating the due diligence requested by the buyer
  • Work with our client’s attorney to negotiate the final purchase agreement
  • Keep all parties “honest” to the terms and conditions that were agreed upon
  • Successfully close the transaction… the deal is not done until we have verified that the wire transfer has hit your bank account